Investor Relations

Corporate's History

With over two decades of experience in developing high quality industrial parks, Rojana Industrial Park Public Co., Ltd. becomes a leader of industrial park developing companies in Thailand and now is prevalently known as Thailand’s first industrial park developing company that extends its business and services into China.

Rojana Industrial Park is jointly developed by the Vinichbutr Group and Sumikin Bussan Corporation (Sumitomo Group) under the BOI investment promotion. With their expertise in developing ideal industrial land, Rojana has established three quality industrial parks located in different locations.

The first two parks have been fully developed in Thailand. One is strategically located in Ayutthaya Province, about 70 km north of Bangkok. The other is situated in Rayong Province, on the Eastern Seaboard. Following the best recorded achievement in industrial park developments in Thailand, Rojana started to gain truly international recognition in 2004 with the opening of Rojana Changzhou in China to support and serve manufacturing investment of both foreign and Thai investors.

Rojana is also expanding its operation into many related business areas such as real estate, energy, water, and wastewater treatment. This provides Rojana a strong position with competitive advantages in the industry.